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Get $50 Dollars Cash For Every
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Maximum Refund

Maximum Refund

Get a Refund loan up to $2,500 in 30 minutes

No Up Front Fees/Tax Preparation Fee Comes Out Of Your Refund

$50 Cash Back for Referrals

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The Most Accurate Tax Return Preparation

You want the maximum refund when you file your taxes and your chance to accomplish this is greatly improved if you choose U-Save Tax Center as your tax preparation firm. Our Certified Tax Professionals have extensive skills and experience in preparing accurately any Individual or business tax return.

 U-Save Tax Center has been preparing tax returns for over 20 years. Our accurate and reliable services are what makes us an industry leader along with the ability to fulfill our customers’ specific tax preparation needs.

 We offer electronic filing with a refund anticipation loan up to $2500.00 in 30 minutes or less. In addition, there is no upfront fees when you file your return. Your fee will be deducted from your tax refund when the IRS issues your check. We also offer $50.00 cash for every customer you refer to us.

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About Us

When you decide to hire someone to do your taxes, you want them to know what they are doing. Here at U-Save Tax Center LLC, we bring decades of experience to the work we do for you.

Our fast and reliable services are what makes us an industry standout along with our ability to fulfill our customers' specific tax preparation needs. We have experience with all the main types of returns, including Small Business (Schedule C), Corporate Tax Return (1120), and Partnerships (1065).

To make sure there are no errors on your tax form, we do precise calculating. Additionally, we have many incentives for our clients. We offer free tax preparation services for working teenagers whose parents have their taxes prepared by us.

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• Amended Tax Returns
• Earned Income Tax Credit
• Refund Anticipation Loans